People Are Overdosing From Mixing Marijuana with Bug Spray

It seems there's always a new drug craze where people begin dangerously mixing various chemicals together to make a potent cocktail. And it appears the newest version of it involves bug spray.

KD (or Katie or Zombie) is the latest dangerous drug trend in America. It basically involves taking a drug you can smoke, like marijuana for instance, and lacing it with a heavy-duty bug spray such as Raid. It causes a 45-minute high that leaves users feeling catatonic, and it's also incredibly cheap. You can buy a bag of KD for around $20.

Using KD can often lead to dangerous overdoses. The city of Indianapolis says they responded to 17 KD-related overdoses in January alone. And since the type of bug spray used can change case-to-case, paramedics who respond to the overdoses often don't know how to treat it without knowing what chemical was ingested. The drug can often lead to people being unable to breathe and sometimes cardiac arrest

The main active ingredient in Raid is pyrethroids, which causes respiratory distress and neuroexcitations that could potentially lead to seizures or even comas. In small doses, it's not really an issue for humans. But being ingested through KD is a different matter.

The issue is how to prevent someone from getting their hands on KD. Buying Raid is perfectly legal and would be hard to regulate. And even if people found a way to regulate bug spray, dealers would simply find some new chemical to use to make their drugs more potent.

(h/t IndyStar)


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