Why Washington Is Dreaming Of A 'Green' Christmas

It's been three years since recreational cannabis was legalized in Washington - and in the weeks leading up to the holidays, business has never been more brisk.

Overall, monthly sales in the state grew from $3-million in the first year, to more than $57-million this November. Figures from the Liquor and Cannabis Board indicate 24 tons of marijuana was harvested in the state in November alone.

As the countdown to Christmas continues, many cannabis retailers are stocking up with special products and promotions on offer. It's the continuation of the Green Friday phenomena: the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, smashed previous state sales records, with 188 recreational cannabis stores selling some $3.5-million worth of bud and infused products.

As The Spokesman-Review reported, that's almost $500,000 more than any other previous sales day - and about $1 million more than the average of daily sales over the last three months.

Washington has received 90 applications for new cannabis businesses

Taunya Harris of Washington recreational dispensary Altitude told KEPR earlier this month their shop has seen about 100,000 customers coming in to check out a range of unexpected, tasty offerings including canna-cola and pot bonbons.

And recreational dispensaries like Altitude are far from the only game in town - the Liquor and Cannabis Board fielded a total of 90 applications for businesses looking to sell medical marijuana, including 11 licensed recreational stores in Spokane.

So, word to the wise for folks in Washington and other legal states: include a little green on your Christmas list. if you've been 'extra good,' you might just get some special treats in your stocking.

h/t The Spokesman-Review, KEPR


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