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DoobTool Inventor Hopes To Dismantle Stoner Stereotypes With His New Cannabis Multi-Tool

There's a new gadget on the market for adventurous cannabis consumers. The DoobTool is an all-in-one kit to help people have a puff on the go. It contains scissors, a grinding card, a tray for collecting ground flower, a roach clip, a poker, a hemp wick spool, a dabbing tool and a little brush for cleaning up afterward - all in a plastic, smell-proof case that looks like an Otter Box.

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Combined, the new multi-tool is designed to serve active consumers while also dismantling stoner stereotypes, according to DoobTool inventor and co-founder Brett Evans.

"The DoobTool brand is focused on changing the image of cannabis, and changing the different stigmas that have been built over the miseducation and misrepresentation through prohibition," Evans told Civilized. "We're really eager to be the catalyst, or be one of the people that are putting a product or symbol out there to change the consciousness of cannabis."

He hopes to do that by boosting the image of cannabis consumers as healthy, active people

"We're really big on pushing the active lifestyle and chipping away at those stigmas. I think that would be the biggest thing," Evans added. "We're just excited to move forward in this brand new industry, and we'll see what happens once cannabis becomes legal."

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So you must be sick of hearing the DoobTool called a Swiss Army Knife for stoners.

Yes, a hundred percent. I'm so glad that you mentioned that. We're trying to make this a tool that caters to consumers with an active lifestyle. That's the biggest thing that we're trying to gear this tool toward. So, calling it a 'Swiss Army Knife' for stoners doesn't really reflect our message and what we're trying to put out there. We're trying to end that lazy stoner type of stigma that's surrounded the culture. Our product is definitely catered to people with an active lifestyle and it has multiple tools to allow you to be active in any way.

How did the idea for the DoobTool come about?

I live a very active lifestyle and I needed something that was exactly like the DoobTool, something I could fill up at the beginning of my day, throw in my backpack, and - whether I'm biking or hiking or at the beach or wherever - I knew that I had every single thing in one place that I needed to prepare not only flowered cannabis, but oil, edibles, whatever I was looking to consume that day. 

I wanted to build something for people that consume throughout their day while living very busy days and active days. It was something that I wanted for myself and something that I saw for myself so I thought, "Well it's not out there, you might as well go out there and design something that you think would work."

What kind of activities have you taken the DoobTool on?

I've been everywhere. I've hiked with it, I've camped with it many times. Beach days are perfect. I'm a biker as well, so I bike a lot. I'll throw it in my bag and then when I go to make a little pit stop or I go to relax to have a drink of water, it's perfect. I can just throw it on the back of my bag and I can roll up whatever I need or prepare whatever I need for it.

What's your favorite feature, or the feature that you use most often, in the DoobTool?

Definitely the grinder card sitting and the top cover. The sliding top cover, which doubles as a preparation tray, is definitely what I use the most. Allowing myself to prepare what I want and then throwing that grinder card on that top cover, it's just easy to grind. Even if you're hiking or if it's very windy or anything, it still allows you to grind your cannabis perfectly, and it collects all of it in the top cover so it's not blowing away. You don't have to worry about sheltering it from the wind.

How often can you use the grinder card before it needs sharpening?

I would say I've used mine at least about 60 times, and it still works very well. I find it actually works a little bit better when it's not so sharp, because I find when it's very sharp, it cuts it up and breaks it up very, very thin. It's very a very fine grind. So, as the grinder card gets duller, it makes it a little bit bigger, thicker grind.

If it does get too dull, can you get a replacement grinder card?

Yeah, a hundred percent. We sell the grinder cards and replacement tools as well. They're gonna be going up on our website this week. So, if you lose the poker tool or the packer tool or the brush or the grinder card, you can just go on our website and you can get the pack of them to replace.

What sorts of challenges did you encounter when you were designing the DoobTool?

Our manufacturer didn't really know much about cannabis and how it works, what consumers want and what they don't want. A lot of people just don't know what you're asking for. And they can't really make any executive decisions or perform their own R&D. So, I found that a very difficult.

But the biggest difficulty was with patenting and trademarking. We've hit a lot roadblocks because we're in the cannabis industry, and because recreational use isn't legal yet. We fall under a lot of terms and conditions for illicit products, whether it be on Indiegogo when we launched our crowdfunding campaign, or whether it be when we had to make appeals to get our trademarks. So the biggest hurdle has been the fact that recreational cannabis isn't legal yet. A lot of people don't wanna touch it or consider you illegal because of their terms and conditions.

How did you ensure that it's smell proof? Did you test different materials with different quantities of cannabis - that kind of thing?

Yeah, we put different types of cannabis in it - anywhere from oils to flower - to see if it is smell proof and if it can really hold in that odor. We found that it works pretty well.

But we find it kinda falls through a little bit if you have a roach in there. So, if you smoke half a joint and then throw it back in, sometimes that odor is very, very pungent and can leak through a little bit. We also found that touching the outside cover will spread the smell if your hands have cannabis residue on them after rolling a joint. So we tell people to rinse or wipe their hands before touching the top cover or the odor will transfer to the outside of the case, and then you might get a whiff of cannabis here and there.

Are there any accessories in the original design that didn't make it into the final product?

I would say things are pretty much the exact same as what we wanted to go with. We had a lot of ideas for different things that we wanted to add, but we just wanted to add the basics and then get feedback from customers and maybe change this, or tweak that, or put this in, or take that out. 

One thing that caught my eye is the case. It's very sleek and discreet, except for the DoobTool logo. If that wasn't on it, then it'd be a stealthy way for cannabis consumers to transport their stash. But that's the double-edged sword with marketing, right? There's no sense releasing a product that you can't brand. But at the same time, sometimes branding gets in the way.

A hundred percent. I'm so glad you said that as well, because what we're looking for right now is that kind of feedback. The case is definitely something that we fought with at the beginning. Do we put the inlay logo of DoobTool on the front, or do we keep it off so that it does become fully discreet? Then somebody who looks at it might think it's just a glasses case or something.

So we're just waiting to hear feedback from customers. If they like the logo on the case, then it'll stay, and if they don't like it, then it's just as easy to take it off.

Right on. So how much is it retailing for right now?

It retails right now for $39.99 plus tax. We're gonna have to up the price, I would say, in the near future because we're gonna be adding a new protective case and more tools, so you'll see the price go up. But we're still anywhere from $17-$20 under the price of any other multi-tool.

Is your website the only place where people can get it right now?

No. Actually, we're doing a lot of wholesaling in and around Halifax and in Nova Scotia. We're looking to go out further into New Brunswick. But for the most part, unless you're in those provinces, the website would be the only place that you could pick it up. But, definitely keep your eyes out for different distributors because we're gonna be trying to put this out right across the map. 


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