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Donald Trump's Insanely Rich Cabinet Picks, Ranked from Least To Most Wealthy

As Quartz reports, President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks stand to be the wealthiest of all time. Despite running on a platform of speaking to the working class and framing himself as a "blue collar billionaire" who was going to look out for everyone who lost their jobs during the era of globalization, Trump has sent almost the opposite message with his list of his cabinet nominees.

Their wealth is unprecedented. Will they fight to give working class people jobs? Or will they fight to keep a system that has provided them them with not only millions of dollars, but billions of dollars. If we were to wager our 401k on that answer, I think the latter is a safe bet.

But through all of the cabinet announcements, there is one interesting side-note that also illustrates Trump's hypocrisy. During the tumultuous 2016 campaign, Trump railed time and time again against Hillary Clinton's paid speeches she gave to investment banking firm Goldman Sachs.

But Trump has appointed no fewer than three high-ranking Goldman executives to his cabinet. He may as well have given the middle finger directly to his loyal group of followers to let them know that the Trump who was on the campaign trail is going to be very different than the Trump who will be in office. To make a long story short: if you voted for Trump because you thought he was going to bring back working class jobs, you got suckered.

So we wondered, how does his new cabinet break down in terms of wealth? We looked at the list of intended cabinet nominees to see who are the wealthiest members of a Trump administration. Let's kick it off with the "least" wealthy.

10. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke: $675,502

Ryan Zinke official congressional photo

9. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry: Approx. $3 million

Rick Perry by Gage Skidmore 3

8. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: $7.52 million

768px Jeff Sessions official portrait

7. Secretary of Health And Human Services Tom Price: $13.6 million

Tom Price

6. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao: $22.8 million 

Elaine Chao large

5. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson: $26 million

Ben Carson by Gage Skidmore 6

4. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin: Approx. $40 million

gettyimages 154851680 e1462472915107

3. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: Approx $150 million

3481066357 1a11470168

2. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross: $2.5 billion

20150902 WilburRoss JamesSmith 2875

1. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: $5.1 billion

Betsy DeVos 2005 crop


Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly do not have available net worths. Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder makes $4 million per year, but his net worth was unavailable as of press time.



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