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President Donald Trump Tweeted a Happy Birthday the Wrong Person

Usually when people are talking about President Donald Trump's tweets, it's because he's lying about his performance as president or trying to instigate a war with North Korea. But now we have a story about his Twitter account that doesn't involve the possible breakout of World War 3 (or so we hope).

Trump tweeted a happy birthday message to country singer Lee Greenwood earlier today. Greenwood sang "God Bless the USA" earlier this year at Trump's inauguration concert. So it would make sense for the president to give the singer a public birthday message. 

Unfortunately, Trump tagged the Twitter account "@leegreenwood83" in his tweet. Unfortunately, the country singer's twitter handle is "@TheLeeGreenwood." 

trump tweets wrong lee greenwood

Ironically, the Lee Greenwood Trump tagged in his tweet is not a fan of the president.

Like with many of Trump's terrible tweets, social media was quick to jump on him for this mistake.

But at least the fake Lee Greenwood took it all in stride.

The tweet was up for about an hour before Trump deleted it and replaced it with the Twitter account for the actual Lee Greenwood.

Gotta love a president who appreciates the details!

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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