Watch: This TV Host Actually Left Donald Trump Speechless On Marijuana Reform

It's rare to see Donald Trump silenced by someone expressing an opinion that's even more extreme and forcefully argued than his own. But that's exactly what happened when the conversation turned to marijuana reform in a televised town hall meeting March 30, hosted by MSNBC's Chris Matthews.

An audience member asked Trump a question about marijuana legalization, and he gave a version of his regular stump speech about supporting medical marijuana, and being leery about legal recreational cannabis based on "negative reports" he's hearing out of Colorado (as usual, he doesn't elaborate on where those reports are coming from).

Then Matthews gave his two cents worth:

"What are the problems you're hearing about in Colorado?" asks Matthews, who then doesn't wait for Trump to answer.

"Who do you want smoking dope?" Matthews asks again rhetorically. "Your train conductor? The bus driver? Your airplane pilot? No. The guy who teaches philosophy might be okay. I mean, does anybody trust anybody who is high to do anything? I'm serious about this. Recreational drugs, what does that mean..."

At this point, Trump finally manages to interject.

"There's a lasting negative impact." he starts to say before Matthews interrupts him again.

He's essentially rendered speechless, and we are too.

But do watch the full exchange on MSNBC's website.

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