Political pumpkins are nothing new. But 2016's hard-fought, nasty, seemingly endless presidential campaign has yielded a cornucopia of gourd-based political expression - specifically when it comes to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The controversial candidate has inspired many Americans to express themselves through the fine art of jack o'lantern-carving. See for yourself - we've captured some of the most notable Trumpkins out there. Whatever your stance on Trump, you can't deny that he is by far the most orange candidate.

1. The Scary Trumpkin

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2. The Low-Effort Trumpkin


3. The Presidential Trumpkin

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4. The Glam Trumpkin

5. The Trumpkin That Is Very Upset With You

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6. The Smug, Windswept Trumpkin


7. The Bow-Tied Trumpkin (With Bonus!)


8. The Photorealistic Trumpkin

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9. The All-Business Trumpkin

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10. The Sculpted Trumpkin


11. The Stars-n-Stripes Special

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12. ...no comment.

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Banner image: istolethetv / Flickr.com