Donald Trump's Own Polling Company Finds Massive Support for Marijuana

President Donald Trump loves to scream, "Fake News," whenever polls show his low approval ratings. But unfortunately he can't make those fake news claims when it comes to marijuana.

The polling company Fabrizio, Lee and Associates, which happens to be the polling company that Donald Trump has hired, found that medical marijuana has massive support throughout the United States. The company determined that 77 percent of likely voters in 2018 support medical marijuana, including 74 percent who live in states with key Senate races and 76 percent who live in competitive House election districts. They also found that 68 percent of Republicans support medical marijuana as well.

This latest poll has lead several conservative commentators to urge Republican candidates in 2018 to begin support marijuana initiatives. They argue that not only does opposing these initiatives put them at odd with the voters, but it also allows the Democratic Party to begin taking away some of the states' rights platform that the GOP has historically supported.

Of course, these poll results aren't anything new, but perhaps since the source comes from a more conservative background, Republicans may finally begin seeing the light.

Or they'll just give some lip service about supporting minor medical marijuana laws next fall and then do nothing about it when elected.

(h/t Town Hall)


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