10 Marijuana Strains That Could Also Be Insults for Donald Trump

Let’s face it: Donald Trump is no friend to marijuana. While many thought he might prove to be an ally, considering his statements about respecting states’ rights in the past, he appointed Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General and has stated he supports the Sessions’ policies to crackdown on marijuana.

Therefore, we thought it would be appropriate to find a list of marijuana strains that would double as insults for our commander-in-chief. Here are the 10 best:

10. Alaskan Thunderf***

Perhaps take out the Alaskan part, but the second part definitely seems like something that’s been yelled at Trump before.

9. Hog’s Breath

Considering he lives off a diet of McDonald’s and Diet Coke, there’s no way this guy’s breath doesn’t smell atrocious.

8. Puss Kush

If there’s one thing that Trump doesn’t like to be called, it’s a coward.

7. Golden Goat

Golden Goat could probably be twisted to describe that god awful hairdo on top of his head.

6. Cheesy Dick

Trump has an unusual obsession with defending his penis size in public. Describing it as cheesy would probably set him off to.

5. Memory Loss

Considering how many people are accusing the president of being senile, Memory Loss would definitely hit close to home.

4. Brain Freeze

Basically any time Trump needs to make a decision, this is what happens to him.

3. Dopium

Because he’s a dope.

2. Orange Creamsicle

Trump is known for that nice bright orange hue of his skin that can only comes straight from a can.

1. Trainwreck

Just another name for his presidency.


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