Few people in the world are more widely despised than President Donald Trump - and with good reason. After all, he mocks people with disabilitiesbrags about assaulting women, admires genocidal tyrants and defends white supremacists. That's why it's so surprising that Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik insists that you have to portray the beleaguered commander-in-chief with empathy.

"You have to," the star of Comedy Central's 'The President Show' told Seth Meyers yesterday. "As an actor, you have to have empathy for your character."

But feeling empathy doesn't mean finding a way to like Trump. In the same interview, Atamanuik offered one of the most scathing and perhaps the most accurate critique of Trump's fragile ego. 

"He's a sad, lonely, self-loathing, love-seeking grub. That's who our president is," he added. "So [empathizing with him is] more the fact that you're going inside the sadness of him that makes him attracted to hate. This is about a self-loathing and a hatred that's turned outward because of the crisis within the white supremacy movement's self. And it's pathetic and dangerous."

He also said Meyers that if he wasn't a famous businessman, Trump would probably be picking people's pockets in Central Park - like Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman) in the movie 'Midnight Cowboy.' "That would be so much better," Meyers quipped.