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Does Tiffany Haddish Smoke Weed?

Tiffany Haddish is a comedian, writer, and actor most known for her breakout role on “Girls Trip” and for becoming the first black woman to host Saturday Night Live. Before Haddish became the success she is today, she was struggling to take care of her younger siblings after their mom was in a car accident. Just two years later, Haddish and her siblings were separated into different foster homes, where she struggled to fit in. Haddish cause trouble in school, which concerned her social worker, who gave Haddish the ultimatum of going to psychiatric therapy or the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp. Haddish chose the latter, and from that point forward she was motivated to follow a career in comedy. Thanks to the help of her social worker, Haddish made her first appearance on TV in 2005 on “That’s So Raven”. She continued to appear as herself and characters in a number of shows including “Chelsea Lately”, “My Name Is Earl”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “New Girl”, and “Def Comedy Jam”. By 2014, Haddish was cast in the show “If Loving You Is Wrong”, but left for a regular role on “The Carmichael Show”, where she stayed for all three seasons. This then led Haddish to co-star in “Keanu” with Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, making her next movie her breakout role in “Girls Trip”. Now, Haddish is set to star in the TBS comedy “The Last O.G.” alongside Tracy Morgan.

While Haddish was enjoying all the press for “Girls Trip”, she shared a story of when she smoked weed before picking up Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith for a swamp tour, “So the next day comes about and I smoke a whole bunch of weed because the doctor told me to, the doctor told me to, and also because I thought it would be super cool to be on the swamp and be high. The alligators will be talking to me, and the birds will be singing, and the raccoons will wave. It’ll be like I’m in a Disney movie, you know what I’m saying?” The swamp tour didn’t go as originally planned because Jada and Will joined Haddish, but Pinkett-Smith confirmed they had “the best time ever.”   


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