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Does Sean Spicer Smoke Weed?

Sean Spicer is most known for serving as White House Press Secretary under Donald Trump until he resigned after just six months. Although this position propelled Spicer into the public eye, he has an entire career history before stepping foot into the White House. In 1999, Spicer joined the Navy and currently still serves with the Navy Reserve. The following year, during the 2000 election cycle, Spicer oversaw re-election strategies for over 220 members of Congress while serving as the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Director of Incumbent Retention. He then served as the Communications Director for the House Budget Committee and from May 2005 to 2006, he was Communications Director for the House Republican Conference. In this position, Spicer led media training for members of Congress and over 220 press secretaries. Before joining Trump’s team, Spicer was the Republican National Committee Communications Director starting in 2011 and by 2015, he added the duties of Chief Strategist, where he worked with Reince Priebus. Then, in December 2016 he was brought onto Trump’s team as Press Secretary. On the official GOP website, Spicer’s other “distinctions” include, “serving as an Easter Bunny at the White House Easter Egg Roll, being lampooned by the Onion, cited as a “Moment of Zen” on the Daily Show, and being mocked by David Letterman.”

During Spicer’s time as Press Secretary, many members of Trump’s administration spoke about legalization while many states voted in favor of legalization. During one of his White House press conferences, Spicer was asked if the government would take action on recreational marijuana use, “Well, I think that is a question for the Department of Justice.I do believe you'll see greater enforcement of it. Because again there is a big difference between the medical use … that's very different from the recreational use, which is something the Department of Justice will be further looking into."


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