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Does Meryl Streep Smoke Marijuana?

Meryl Streep is recognized by many as one of the greatest living actors, as she’s received record-breaking Academy Award nominations. Before Streep became this renown actor, her early performing ambitions leaned toward opera, and she eventually became interested in acting while studying at Vassar. After graduating, Streep enrolled in the Yale School of Drama, where she became the star student of her class for being incredibly intense. In 1977, Streep then went on to appear in her first feature film alongside Jane Fonda in “Julia”, where Streep learned to hit her mark from Fonda, “Look down. That green tape on the floor. That’s you. That’s your mark. And if you land on it, you will be in the light, and you will be in the movie.” The next year, Streep was nominated for her first Oscar for her performance in “The Deer Hunter”, but she didn’t win her first award until the following year for her role in “Kramer vs. Kramer”. Now, Streep appears and stars in a number of diverse roles, including the upcoming “Mary Poppins Returns”, “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again”, and “Florence Foster Jenkins”.

Throughout Streep’s career, she’s played a range of characters, some of whom have dabbled with marijuana, including her character in the film “Out of Africa”, Danish author Karen Blixen, who uses the pen name Isak Dinensen. The film is based on the author’s life, which certainly featured cannabis, as she and friends would experiment with the drug. Streep clearly has no issues playing characters who consume marijuana, which she made even clearer in her film “It’s Complicated”, when she smokes a joint with Steve Martin’s character in one of the funniest marijuana scenes. For this reason, the ratings board gave the film an R rating despite having no violence, because children may leave with a strong message that smoking marijuana is fun, and it certainly is if Meryl Streep is acting.


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