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Does J.K. Rowling Smoke Weed?

J.K. Rowling is a world-renowned author most known for her famous fantasy book series “Harry Potter”, which became the movie franchise of the same name. Before Rowling became the successful writer she is today, “I lived for books. I was your basic common-or-garden bookworm, complete with freckles and National Health spectacles.” From a very early age, Rowling wanted to be a writer, penning her very first book at the age of six, in a story about a rabbit, titled “Rabbit”. By the age of eleven, Rowling wrote her first novel about seven cursed diamonds and the people who owned them. Rowling then went on to study at Exeter University, where she accumulated a fine for overdue books. Just a few years after graduating, Rowling created the idea for “Harry Potter” while sitting on a delayed train from Manchester to London King’s Cross. Rowling continued to outline and map out all seven books of the series over the next five years, during which she taught and wrote as much as possible. The first “Harry Potter” book was published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books in 1997, which was published the following year in the United States under a different title, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. All seven books have achieved record-breaking success, as did J.K. Rowling herself. Now, Rowling is working on the five-film series “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, a further extension of the Wizarding World she has created.

“Muggle” is used as slang for marijuana, and it is also a common term used in the Wizarding World to describe a person incapable of performing magic. The slang word was used by the likes of Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong, and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1938. Rowling was unaware of this coincidence when coming up with the Wizarding term though, “The word ‘mug’ came to mind for somebody gullible, and then I softened it. I think ‘muggle’ sounds quite cuddly. I didn’t know that the word ‘muggle’ had been used as drug slang at that point. Ah, well.”


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