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Does Ellen Smoke Weed?

Ellen DeGeneres is most known for making millions of people laugh all across the world on her show “Ellen”. Before she became the talk show host that she is today, Ellen was trying to make it as a stand-up comedian in small clubs and coffeehouses, before working her way up to emcee Clyde's Comedy Club in 1981. During this time, Ellen began touring the country after being named the funniest person in America from a Showtime competition show. These performances led to bigger jobs, which included her first appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1986. Ellen then moved into television, starting off with little success as a supporting character in the short-lived sitcoms “Open House” and “Laurie Hill”. These failed shows soon led Ellen to star in her own TV show, “These Friends of Mine”, which was later named “Ellen”. Ellen made history with this show when her character, and Ellen herself, came out on national television. After this show ended, Ellen returned to the stage to perform stand-up, but she soon found her niche as a talk show host, launching her show “Ellen” in 2003. Her show has since become a huge success, winning a total of 15 Emmy awards and becoming the first talk show in TV history to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show in its first three seasons.

Ellen enjoys interacting with her fans on her show to celebrate, dance, and have fun with them, especially on the high holiday 420, because she’s convinced marijuana consumers watch her show. She decided to sell her merchandise on 420 to users, “If you are high and watching my show right now, you are going to trip out on the cool, new things that I have in the Ellen Shop. For instance, look at this, you’re going to trip out you high people out there, look it, it’s me with hearts on my eyes.” Ellen also renamed children’s books with weed-themed titles, including “The Little Engine That Couldn’t Get Off the Couch” and “The Very Very Very Very Very Hungry Caterpillar”. So even though Ellen might not smoke herself, she’ll certainly celebrate 420 and make fun of you when you’re high.  


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