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Does Drew Barrymore Smoke Weed?

Drew Barrymore has been in TV and film since she was 11-months, when she starred in a dog food commercial. She didn’t get her first major role however until she was seven, when she played Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. E.T. became the highest-grossing film in the ‘80s, making her one of the most famous child stars, who has grown into a TV and movie star. Although she’s proven to be a great actor, her role isn’t limited to just that, as she’s credited for directing the 2009 film Whip It, starring Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, and yes Drew Barrymore herself. Also check out three myths about cannabis and sex.

She’s also become quite the comedian as she’s starred alongside Adam Sandler and other comedians in a number of films. In the comedy Going the Distance, which she starred in with Justin Long, they both had a scene where they smoked from a fake bong, which was packed with fake marijuana. The prop expert, Jeff Butcher, spent an hour smoking the fake bong to make it look used, and he didn’t get the slightest bit high. Then, when Barrymore hit the bong, she claims she was high, “And then, you know, we did the scene and Drew thought that she was high and the directors thought that she was high!''

Since then, Barrymore hasn’t had anymore high experiences with fake bongs. Now, she’s starring and Executive Producer for Netflix’s new show, Santa Clarita Diet. In the show, her character’s life takes a turn when she becomes a zombie who feeds on human flesh. Netflix just renewed it for a second season, which is set to release in 2018. Barrymore is also currently the narrator on the new NBC show First Dates, which is executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres, with whom she shares a friendship. The show offers a look at a number of real first dates happening at the same restaurant.

While most celebrities these days are very shy about coming out of the cannabis closet, especially with social media pouncing on everything they say and do, Drew Barrymore has been careful to only speak very eloquently on her history of drug addiction from a very young age, as she did in a 1995 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she hasn't said very much about her use of the medicinal plant known as cannabis. While we'd guess she is a cannabis consumer since there are a few photos of her and Cameron Diaz smoking a joint if you do a cursory Google search, she must be a very careful one because it takes paparazzi with telephoto lenses to get those pics. While the federal prohibition of drugs is still very much in place, we doubt her fans would think any less of her if spoke openly about using cannabis. While those that do Stand-Up comedy and music seem to get a free pass from the public when it comes to marijuana, actors seem to be close behind.


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