Does Donald Trump Smoke Weed?

You certainly know Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, elected in November 2016. Before he got involved in politics, he was a billionaire businessman, and still is. Trump began his career working for his father’s real estate development company and eventually took a leadership position in the 1970s. He then went on to make a name for himself in Manhattan real estate by acquiring and building a number of high-profile projects. In the 1980s, he continued expanding his role in business by opening a hotel-casino in Atlantic City, acquiring the Plaza Hotel, and buying Mar-a-Lago real estate that he renovated into a private club. Then, in 2004, Trump made his way into the entertainment industry by hosting a reality TV show, “The Apprentice”, in which contestants vetted for a management position at one of his companies. This role earned him recognition and a number of several other appearances in TV shows and movies. By June 2015, Trump announced his presidential candidacy despite never having held any elected or appointed government office prior, but to much surprise he was elected the 45 president of the United States.

Before Trump was elected, he was notorious for always expressing his mind and now that he’s the president, he continues to say and tweet crazy things. Many cannabis consumers are also notorious and sometimes stigmatized for also saying crazy things, so some may assume that Trump is also a consumer, but his stance on legalization may say otherwise. He recently  signed a bill preventing the Justice Department and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from using federal funds to prosecute medical marijuana businesses in states where it is legal, but many advocated fear  it’s the government's way of "asserting their right.” He’s also admitted to never smoking marijuana, “No I have not. I would tell you 100% because everyone else seem to admit it nowadays… almost like, it’s almost like hey it’s a sign. No I have never smoked a cigarette either.”  


As medical marijuana continues to gain ground across the US, more and more colleges are adding cannabis to their curriculum. In fact, more than half of America's pharmaceutical schools (62 percent) now teach students about medical marijuana according to a new survey conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Pharmacy. "With more states legalizing medical marijuana, student pharmacists must be prepared to effectively care for their patients who may use medical marijuana alone or in combination with prescription or over-the-counter medications," the study's authors wrote.