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Does Chris Christie Smoke Weed?

Chris Christie is most known for being the 55th Governor of New Jersey, and after serving two terms, his time in office is coming to a close as the state prepares to vote in a new governor. Before Christie became the political figure he is now, he attended the University of Delaware, where he served on the student council. Christie continued to practice law after graduating, eventually leading him to become the Attorney General of New Jersey from 2002 to 2008. The following year, Christie won the 2009 Republican primary for Governor of New Jersey. During his first term, he is credited for cutting spending and stopping property tax growth, which led to his re-election in 2009. His second term as governor hasn’t been quite as successful as his first though, because Christie is now ranked amongst the least popular governors in the United States. This certainly didn’t stop Christie from announcing his 2016 campaign for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election, which he quickly suspended and is now just finishing up his last few days in the governor’s office.

Even with just two more months left in office, Christie continues to push his outdated and ridiculous views on marijuana legalization. He was recently in Indianapolis to discuss the opioid epidemic, so he made sure to take the opportunity to discuss marijuana, "Marijuana legalization will lead to more drug use, not less drug use, will lead to more death not less death, and the national institute of drug abuse has proven it. There is no reason, if I told you today that anything would make your child two and a half time more likely to be addicted to opioids, you would be getting them as far away from it as you possibly could.” To set the record straight, there have never been reports of marijuana related deaths.


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