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Does Brad Pitt Smoke Weed?

Brad Pitt is an actor and producer known for his versatility, and his standout role as Tyler Durden in “Fight Club”. Before Pitt became the successful movie star that he is today, he attended the University of Missouri for journalism, with a focus in advertising. He also occasionally acted in a few fraternity shows, but he dropped out of school two credits early to move to California. Before landing acting roles, Pitt supported himself by driving limos, moving refrigerators, and dressing as a giant chicken while working for “El Pollo Loco”. Then, in 1964 Pitt earned his first TV credit for the daytime soap opera “Another World”. After appearing in a number of television series, Pitt gained widespread recognition for his role in the cult classic, “Thelma & Louise”. Pitt also gained recognition for his role in “True Romance”, in which he played Floyd, the lazy roommate who spent all his time on the couch smoking weed. Now, Pitt most recently starred in Netflix’s feature film “War Machine” and Adam McKay’s “The Big Short”.

Similar to his character in “True Romance”, Pitt has a history with weed, which he refers to as his “stoner phase”, when he smoked all the time to avoid his celebrity. Director Quentin Tarantino actually convinced Pitt to be in “Inglorious Basterds” with weed and wine, “We’re poppin’ rosé and he’s got this really cool Pink Floyd kind of rosé… We’re knocking it back, and then a smoking apparatus of some sort found its way on the table. It was like a pop can, red with a little silver stripe.” Then, during an interview with Bill Maher, the host reminisced about a time when he saw Pitt rolling joints at a party. Pitt quit smoking though, after visiting Morocco, “... where I saw poverty to an extreme I had never witnessed before, and we talked about inequality and health care, and I saw just what I felt was so unnecessary, that people should have to survive in these circumstances … I just quit. I stopped grass then — I mean, pretty much — and decided to get off the couch.”


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