Does Aziz Ansari Smoke Weed?

Aziz Ansari started his career as a stand-up comedian but made his big break into the comedy world by landing his first cast hire on NBC’s never-to-be-forgotten comedy, “Parks and Recreation”. For six seasons, Ansari made his mark as Tom Haverford, the underachieving government employee with extreme self-confidence, style, and dreams of being successful. During his run as Tom, Ansari made “Treat Yo’ Self” a popular day that people now celebrate to treat themselves to expensive things. Now, Ansari continues to make fans laugh in his Netflix comedy, “Master of None”, which just premiered its second season. Ansari plays Dev, a commercial actor living in New York City, just trying to balance his complicated love life and job.

When Ansari is not too busy writing new episodes of “Master of None” or another comedy special for Netflix, he’s enjoying his time off, “I like to eat, drink good wine, and smoke amazing weed.” Then, when he’s not on location shooting in Italy and trying all the local foods, he’s supporting his fellow filmmaking friends, like Jennifer Lawrence. Ansari attended the premiere of her documentary “Beautiful Planet”, “It was fun. I was incredibly high… That IMAX screen was so humongous. And since we’re friends, it’s weird hearing your friend’s voice talking about this stuff.” Don’t expect him to be as high during his shows though, since his pre-show ritual consists of warm tea with honey and his old comedy specials that he watches to prepare. This isn’t convincing to his fans however, because when Ansari asked one fan what he thought his day consisted of, the fan said, “You probably wake up about 10 o’clock, and then you smoke some weed. Then you play videogames for a couple hours.” The fan probably wasn’t right.  


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