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Does Adam Carolla Smoke Weed?

Adam Carolla is known for his rants and his work as a comedian, radio personality, television host, director, actor, author, and writer. In 1995, he began hosting the radio call-in show “Loveline” with Drew “Dr. Drew” Pinsky and Riki Rachtman. Listeners would call-in with questions about sex and relationships, and Carolla would just go off in rants on various topics other than sex and relationships. After this hosting gig, he began appearing more on TV, in his original series, “The Man Show”, which he created with fellow comedian and close friend Jimmy Kimmel. When the two left the show, Carolla continued to write and appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”  

Before Carolla began cracking jokes with Jimmy Kimmel, he was growing up in North Hollywood, California. When he was just a kid, his mom grew a pot plant in his backyard, which he showed to a close friend, and the next day the plant was gone. Since Carolla was introduced to marijuana so young, he’s always had a “live and let live” stance on the drug. When he was in his early 20s, he smoked a fair amount of weed when it was a lot harder to find. “Back when I used to smoke pot, back in the day, it was a lot of shake, and a lot of leaves, and you’d open a Yes album, and you’d have to get the stems from the seeds, from the shake and the leaves, and you’d separate everything and then you’d smoke on it.”

Now, Carolla prefers a glass of wine over marijuana, but he still partakes from time to time. “I’m not a daily smoker. It’s not really part of my lifestyle. But if I’m ever anywhere and there’s anything going around, I’m in.” But don’t expect him to grab a mic and go on stage after, “...there’s nothing funnier than getting high with my buddies, going out to dinner and laughing our asses off.”


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