A Group of Doctors Is Offering Veterans Free Medical Marijuana Consultations

Considering medical marijuana's effectiveness at treating chronic pain, anxiety and other stress-related conditions, you'd think it would be an obvious medication for military veterans. But since the Department of Veterans' Affairs refuses to prescribe cannabis to soldiers, many are unable to receive the care they deserve. But a group of Maryland doctors is looking to change that.

Canna Care Docs is a group of doctors who help patients determine if medical marijuana would be a viable treatment for them and, if that is the case, helps them get registered in their state's registry. The Maryland branch of Canna Care announced that in the weeks leading up to Veterans' Day, they are offering free consultations for active and former military members to see if medical marijuana would be helpful for them. The free consultations will take place on October 14th, 28th and November 4th at Canna Care locations in Maryland.

"Unfortunately for many veterans, their health can be negatively effected due to their deployment,"Maggie Fauver, mid-Atlantic operations manager with Canna Care, told the Baltimore Business Journal. "These veteran events are Canna Care Docs' way of sincerely saying 'Thank you for our freedom.'"

Many veterans' organizations have appealed to the federal government to allow access to medical marijuana for soldiers. But with marijuana still classified as a Class I narcotic, Veterans' Affairs doctors are not allowed to prescribe cannabis. Instead, veterans are forced to take more dangerous medications for their conditions.

At least Canna Care is giving veterans cheaper access to medical marijuana. The average visit to Canna Care costs $200 for patients, so that's a pretty good bargain for veterans taking advantage of the free consultations.


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