Doctor Wants to Provide Free Marijuana to Scottish Prisoners to Prevent Overdoses

Life in prison can often be filled with violence and drug abuse. So one doctor in Scotland believes they have a solution to some of the rigors of prison life, and it involves marijuana.

Dr Stephanie Sharp in Scotland is advocating that prisons in the country provide prisoners with marijuana. Her suggestion came after several prisoners in Scotland died of fatal drug overdoses from dangerous narcotics they obtained while incarcerated. Sharp says that providing prisoners with marijuana would prevent them from seeking out dangerous drugs, leading to less violence and overdoses.

“Why aren’t prisons able to give them cannabis? It is a much safer alternative,” Sharp says. “Psychoactive substances like Spice are illegal but all they have to do is change a chemical and they become legal again. Because we are not addressing the issue of psychoactive drugs, we are condemning people to death in prisons and on the streets.”

Studies have shown that opioid and other dangerous narcotic users tend to abuse dangerous drugs less when they're given access to marijuana. So Sharp's suggestion could indeed prevent prisoners from falling into that dangerous rabbit hole.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that her suggestion will occur in the near future. The United Kingdom, like the United States, still outlaws marijuana, even for medicinal use. So we're guessing the government's not going to make an exception for their prisoners.

(h/t Fresh Toast)


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