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Doctors Explain How Medical Marijuana Would Help NFL Players

This weekend is the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the entire world. And while this is usually a time to celebrate football, a handful of doctors are reminding people how dangerous the sport can be, but also how to make it safer.

The American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association (AMMPA) recently announced that they will be holding a conference in May to create a discussion about how cannabis can be used to help both active and retired football players deal with the injuries they've sustained during their career. 

AMMPA co-founder Dr. Jason Pirozzolo spoke with Merry Jane about this issue. He noted that CBD has been shown in animal studies to reverse CTE (a degenerative brain condition caused by repeated head trauma), a condition that frequently affects current and former football players. He also discussed how marijuana could be an effective alternative to prescription painkillers, which are often abused by former NFL players to deal with injuries sustained during their careers.

While both the NFL and the NFL Player's Association have been open to studying marijuana, neither have done much action to allow the drug in the league. Pirozzolo says this is partly due to scientific ignorance that people don't understand that CBD can be used without getting high, but also the drug's illegal status.

Pirozzolo finished his interview by saying if the NFL and football doesn't change how the game gets played, then they need to start embracing marijuana to help deal with the consequences.

(h/t Merry Jane)


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