Dive Deep, Then Dig In At The World's First Scuba Restaurant

So much for waiting 30 minutes before getting in the water after you’ve eaten.

The world’s first SCUBA restaurant requires you to dive to the bottom of one of the world’s deepest pools at the NEMO33 pool facility in Brussels, Belgium to get your grub on.

‘The Pearl’ is a two-meter wide spherical restaurant, accessible only by gearing up for a five-meter dive underwater. Once the diners reach their destination at the bottom of the pool, they peel off their SCUBA gear before entering the pod and sitting down at their table.

A waiter then dives down – also in SCUBA gear, of course – to serve the guests’ dishes in watertight containers; everything from foie gras to champagne. The entire experience was recently captured by Reuters in this video

The concept was described as “a new era of restaurants” by NEMO33 founder John Beernaerts.

A meal at The Pearl – which took over a year to build, not to mention the time required to refine the food delivery system – will run you about $106. It’s unclear whether that price tag includes the scuba gear or a tip, but it's safe to say your bragging rights will be priceless.

h/t Food and Wine


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