Dispensary in Maine Offers Free Cannabis for Litter Clean-Up

Medical marijuana advocates have long promoted the many health benefits of cannabis products. But there’s now a positive effect of marijuana not previously discovered: Eliminating trash.

Dennis Meehan, the owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Maine, offered free marijuana to people if they bring a bag full of trash collected in his town over the weekend. In a Facebook post for Summit, Meehan said he would offer two trash bags to interested participants in the morning, and he would give a gram of cannabis for each filled trash bag brought back to them. Gifting marijuana is legal in the state of Maine. Meehan says he was inspired by a similar effort by a town in Colorado.

After the success of the event, Meehan posted on Facebook about possibly opening the “trash-for-marijuana” program up to the entire state. Here’s a photo he posted of all the trash cleaned up as part of the effort:

Marijuana trash pickup

You know how some people collect tons of recycling and take it to Michigan or other states that give money for those goods? Perhaps we’re seeing the beginnings of a similar program.

Just make sure you wash your hands before handling your free goodies.


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