This is What It's Like to Buy Legal Cannabis in California

On January 1, 2018, sales of recreational cannabis began for adults in California, which will make the state the biggest legal cannabis marijuana market in the United States. California issued temporary licenses to dispensaries allowing them to sell non-medical cannabis beginning January 1st. MedMen West Hollywood is one of the few dispensaries that is currently selling recreational cannabis. Since the store opened its doors to adult users, the line has been a extremely long, forcing patients to wait up to two hours just to check-in.

To put the excitement around California's legalization in context, we've heard anecdotally that pre-legalization, MedMen averaged around 250 people a day. That number has skyrocketed to over 1,000 a day since January 1st.

The dispensary has experienced such a high demand for recreational cannabis that the store hours have been extended to allow for more patients - they're now open from 8am-9:45pm daily. For those users who are still medical patients, dispensaries recommend going to stores that only sell medical marijuana in order to avoid these lines for recreational cannabis.  


Most states with legalized marijuana also allow residents to grow their own cannabis plants. And while you may think this will be a simple task, it can actually be quite hard as there are several differences between growing marijuana and other plants. Here are five ways growing cannabis is different than other plants: 1.

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