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Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner Wants to Enter the Marijuana Industry

Last Friday, disgraced Democrat and convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner was spotted outside a New York City café discussing the possibility of getting into the cannabis business.

According to an anonymous source reporting to the Daily Mail, Weiner was seen at a Manhattan coffee shop trying to persuade a potential business partner to start up a cannabis business with him. Weiner reportedly said he had been "talking to people in Colorado and California" and had begun looking into "Chinese manufacturing."

"It then became obvious that Weiner was talking about a weed-related business," the source said.

Weiner, who was released from a federal prison in Massachusetts earlier this month after pleading guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl back in 2017, seemed to be aware of his reputation as a huge creep and was looking for a way to keep his identity hidden from other investors.

"Weiner was advising the other man on how to approach investors and said, 'Tell them you have this great venture and then be like, I know the perfect guy,'" the source explained. "Weiner appeared to be referring to himself and explaining how to get other money on board but conceal his involvement."

Apparently, Weiner was concerned that news of his involvement in the company might scare off investors who are wary of doing business with a convicted sex offender.

However, his legal trouble could be a dealbreaker for regulators, for now at least.

Weiner may have to wait out his probation period before trying to enter the cannabis industry. Cannabis attorney Aaron Pelley told The Daily Mail that federal ex-convicts usually can't enter the cannabis industry while on probation because the move would violate the terms of their release since marijuana is still federally prohibited.


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