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Did Marilyn Monroe Use Cannabis?

Marilyn Monroe is an actress, model, and singer who is famous for being an iconic Hollywood sex symbol. Before she became an icon, Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson in Los Angeles, California where she suffered a tumultuous childhood moving back and forth from foster homes. When she was just 16, Monroe decided to marry her neighbor James Dougherty, so she wouldn’t be forced back into foster care. Dougherty later joined the Merchant Marines and was sent to the South Pacific during World War II, which is when Monroe was discovered by a photographer while working in a California munitions factory. Soon after, Monroe launched her career as a successful model, which led her to sign a film contract with 20th Century Fox. This is also when the starlet officially changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and dyed her hair blonde, which landed her a number of roles that eventually led her to star in John Huston’s thriller “The Asphalt Jungle”. She also drew attention for her performance the following year in “All About Eve”, but her breakthrough role came in 1953 with “Niagara”, a thriller in which Monroe plays an adulterous young wife plotting to kill her husband with her lover. That same year Monroe starred in two other movies, which put her at the top of the Hollywood A-list. Monroe then decided to take more serious roles, which earned positive reviews, even though her complicated personal life was simultaneously falling apart. By 1961, Monroe was admitted to hospitals for psychiatric evaluation on two occasions, which eventually led to her death the following year. She is now remembered as one of the most iconic Hollywood actors.

In 2009, 50 years after her death, a video of Marilyn Monroe surfaced showing her allegedly smoking marijuana. The silent film was shot in a private New Jersey home in 1958 or 1959, where Monroe is passed what appears to be a joint, which she proceeds to smoke. The anonymous owner of the video claims that it was an actual joint containing cannabis, "I got it [the pot]. It was mine. It was just passed around. It was not a party. It was just a get-together. You know, come over and hang out.” The son of Monroe’s friend Jeanne Carmen can also confirm that the starlet smoked, “My mom was not a ‘pot smoker’ but she did smoke pot on occasion. Marilyn was the same way.” While both starlets attended a boat party with Steve Cochran, the two ladies smoked weed, but jumped ship when he tried to turn the pot-friendly boat party into an orgy.  


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