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Did Bob Ross Smoke Weed?

Bob Ross is a painter and art instructor most known for his hair style and hosting his instructional TV show “The Joy of Painting”. Before Ross became a famous painter, he enlisted in the United States Air Force where he moved up the ranks, which is also when Ross developed some of his quick painting techniques by creating art for sale. While living in Alaska, Ross worked as a bartender, which is when he discovered the TV show “The Magic of Oil Painting”. He soon began studying painting and selling his work, which ultimately led him to leave the Air Force. After leaving, Ross began his show “The Joy of Painting” in 1983, which taught viewers quick oil painting techniques by breaking down the process into simple steps. Ross has since become a huge part of pop culture, so much that “Deadpool” recently used his show format to promote the movie’s new teaser. Every episode of “The Joy of Painting” is also now in the Netflix catalog, so fans can binge watch Ross whenever they want.

Even though Ross died in 1995, before the United States began legalizing marijuana, many fans believe he smoked lots of the drug. Many viewers think this because in his tutorial videos Ross talks very calm and slow, which is common after smoking marijuana. Ross also refers to the trees in his paintings as “little happy trees”, which many believe refers to marijuana, which makes him and consumers happy. Later in his life, Ross was diagnosed with cancer, which is another reason why fans believe he frequently smoked weed. Regardless of whether Ross actually smoked marijuana though, he’s the perfect companion for fans who smoke cannabis while watching his show.


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