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Mark Mothersbaugh On Meeting The Rolling Stones: 'There Was More Marijuana Than I'd Ever Seen In My Life'

If you've ever wondered what hanging with The Rolling Stones would be like, you can get an idea by stopping by a cannabis dispensary. That's because the iconic rock band keeps about as much weed on hand as a local pot shop, according to Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, who got to jam with the Stones in the studio in the 70s after a chance encounter with drummer Charlie Watts.

"[W]e were recording at the Power Station and they were remixing old songs downstairs," Mothersbaugh told Rolling Stone recently. "And this old guy with a big, fat sweater and gray hair came upstairs and said, 'Would someone here play synthesizer on a song for my band?' And I look at him and it was Charlie Watts. So I went downstairs and there was more marijuana than I’d ever seen in my life. Everybody got super stoned. And there was a vocoder that we’d borrowed from Bob Moog to use on the album. I didn’t have a microphone with a quarter-inch jack for it, so I got Mick to put a set of headphones on sideway so one of the earpieces was over his mouth. He sang into it while I played notes on a keyboard into the vocoder."

The gig involved recording a synth track on the song 'Worried About You.' But you haven't heard their version of it because Keith Richards hated it so much, he nearly went into a homicidal rage.

"The next day, they played it for Keith Richards and he later told my brother, 'Who played that synthesizer part? I’m gonna stab him!' [Laughs] So Keith hated it, but there’s a little of it still in the fadeout and that’s about it."

Check out the full interview, where Mothersbaugh and bandmate Jerry Casale discuss how Thomas Pynchon inspired 'Whip It,' that time Johnny Rotten almost joined Devo after the Sex Pistols broke up and more.


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