Designer Explains Why The Marvel Movie Posters Always Look So Familiar

The Marvel cinematic universe is the biggest film franchise in movie history, nearly doubling the gross of its closest competitor, Star Wars (which, incidentally, is owned by the same company). So, how is it that Disney continues to get butts in seats after over ten years and 20 films? Good advertising, of course.

Naturally, considering you need to see nearly every film in the franchise to make sense of the next, the movies act as cross-promotional materials for themselves, but that doesn’t mean a good poster is any less important. In a recent video from Vanity Fair, prominent poster designer James Verdesoto explains the design elements that make up each of Marvel's promotional images.

In so doing, Verdesoto makes comparisons to a number of older, successful movie posters, showing how Marvel plays it relatively safe, leaning on familiar design tropes to entice potential ticket-buyers.

He does point out, however that they don’t always get it right, noting that the poster for ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ kind of sucks, with it’s confusing framing, inconsistent color scheme, and the fact that it portrays the Washington monument as being in New York City.

Watch him break down each poster in the full video below:



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