Derrick Morgan Wears Cannabis-Themed Cleats During Sunday Game To Raise Awareness

If you were watching Sunday's game between the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans, you may have noticed a particularly green set of cleats on Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan.

See, during Week 13 of the NFL season, players wear custom cleats emblazoned with causes and charities the player supports - hence, #MyCleatsMyCause. Morgan, a cannabis advocate, decided to wear these, showing the logo and slogan for Realm of Caring:

Realm of Caring is a non-profit that "reimagining the way we think, talk, and respond to cannabis and the people who use it." In a video on the Tennessee Titans website, Morgan explains his choice: 

"I love the work they do with children. A lot of these kids have incurable diseases, they don’t have a lot of options when it comes to medical care and Realm of Caring does a great job of administering cannabis treatment to children in Colorado."

You can see the cleats in action in this picture from The Houston Chronicle (check out the lower left corner).

h/t Weed News


Most people know that to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a car is very dangerous — not just for the driver and passengers, but for anyone else sharing the road. For cannabis consumers, however, understanding levels of impairment is not so straightforward. To date, there is not yet a technology used by law enforcement that can accurately detect cannabis impairment similar to alcohol breathalyzers.

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