Civilized Publisher Derek Riedle Talks With Adam Carolla About Elevating Cannabis Culture

Civilized founder and publisher Derek Riedle appeared on The Adam Carolla Show on January 5th. Host of the hit daily podcast and former co-host of The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel, Adam talks with Derek about trying to elevate cannabis to a level of working professionals, as opposed to "potheads." Derek talks about trying to change the words and imagery we use when thinking about marijuana, and making the millions of people who consume cannabis feel comfortable with having the conversation openly.

"We're trying to be a bit of a beacon for people, and show them they're not alone," Derek tells Adam. "These conversations about cannabis are happening in backyards and basements of North America, but a lot of people, because of prohibition and workplace regulations are staying in the cannabis closet."

Adam is also interested in Derek's passion for design and architecture, and his TV series - Real Houses of... - that aired on the W Network. Derek and Adam talk about designing properties to suit personality, and Adam chats with him about touring Ed Begley’s house. Later, the guys talk about finding the right marijuana strain for your mood or needs - medicinal or recreational.

"At home I like to pick up a crutch, get a little altered, don't want the hangover the next day," Adam tells Derek. "The last time I smoked weed I ate an entire sack of macadamia nuts and maybe some pancake mix, and then went into some shame spiral and started thinking about dust mites on my bed. I'm looking for the weed that is basically the equivalent to scotch-on-the-rocks."

"One of the best things I've found about legalization," Derek says in response, "is that you can walk into a dispensary - whether it's here [in California] or Colorado and talk to people who really know what the game is. You can tell them what you're looking for. You looking for a heady stone and don't want the munchies, they can curate a strain for you. You have problems with sleep. You have problems with anxiety. There are experts there that can give you a product that's designed to do what you're looking for."

Do tune in for the whole show, but Adam's conversation with Derek starts around the 54-minute mark.



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