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DEA and Local Police Raid 50 Black Market Marijuana Grows in Denver

While marijuana may be legal in Colorado, a new police operation reveals that the black market definitely hasn't gone anywhere in the state.

The DEA and local police raided around 50 homes Thursday morning for growing illegal black market cannabis. According to law enforcement sources, this isn't a case of people who grow their own marijuana being raided. But rather a criminal operation where people purchase homes in Colorado with the intention to grow illegal cannabis and hopefully go undetected by law enforcement. The marijuana is grown in Colorado, and then shipped to other states where it is illegal.

This is the third time in the past five months that police and the DEA have initiated a major search operation targeting black market growers in Colorado. There have been 300 raids since Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014.

Of course, if all of the United States followed in Colorado's steps and legalized marijuana, then the demand for this black market cannabis would be diminished and there would be no more, or at least far less, of these operations. 

(h/t Denver Post)


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