Why Police Don't Want Dispensaries To Sell Single Joints

Single, pre-rolled joints seem like a sensible move for dispensaries seeking to appeal to cannabis tourists: after all, not everyone can (or is inclined to) make their way through the entire ounce you're allowed to possess under Denver law.

Single pre-rolls, however, might be causing a hassle for Denver police, who recently held a news conference requesting dispensaries on the 16th Street Mall stop selling single joints.

"We'll be reaching out to every last one of the dispensaries for the purpose of asking not to sell a single joint," said Denver police Chief Robert White. He said single joints are often purchased by people who are homeless, and other out-of-state "travellers," who then hang around the mall smoking and causing problems.

While it's understandable that Denver law enforcement would want to curb panhandling - you'd think that liquor stores might also want to curb the sale of low-cost, high-alcohol beverages, which could led to similar (or more likely, worse) issues.

While single joints might appeal to a certain cash-strapped element, they also let cannabis consumers enjoy what Colorado has to offer without biting off more than they can chew. Some, like Kiefer Salazar, a supervisor at Euflora, a recreational dispensary on 16th Street, call the proposed ban "ridiculous," adding in an interview with FOX it's the city's responsibility to stop people who are homeless from congregating and panhandling in the area.

In any case, there's no law preventing the sale of pre-rolls - and whether or not dispensaries comply with the Denver Police's request is, ultimately, up to them.

h/t FOX 31 Denver.


I've been covering cannabis for nearly five years, and by now I'm all too accustomed to the impersonal cannabis conference at a stuffy, generic hotel or expo hall, brimming with white guys in suits, and generally lacking in the spirit of well, cannabis. (The woes of legalization, I suppose.) So it was a breath of fresh air when I walked into what felt like a giant atrium in downtown LA for a new kind of cannabis conference. Located in what's called the Valentine Grass Room in an industrial area past the hustle and bustle of the DTLA skyscrapers, Microscopes & Machines (M&M) boasted a diverse array of speakers, from doctors and lawyers to chemists and cultivators on the frontlines of the cannabis industry.

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