A Vape Company Sets Its Sights High - Mile High

O.penVAPE, a manufacturer of vapes that include the customizable go.pen Plus and Helix Vape Pen, has proposed a partnership with the Metropolitan Football Stadium District to rename the home of the Denver Broncos. In a release, O.penVAPE stated it, "has the financial means" to pay the $6-million per year that would be a requirement of the current naming agreement.

The too-perfect name they're suggesting? O.penVAPE at Mile High. (And it's not an April Fools Joke, apparently, as it was a couple of months ago when Native Roots announced it would make a bid for the naming rights.)

"We saw an opportunity here," Ann Dickerson of O.penVape tells Civilized. "We're probably the only cannabis company that can afford to do it."

Not only does the phrase "open vape at mile high" sound like an incredibly fun time, it also fulfills the stipulations set down in a bipartisan bill introduced into the Colorado legislature in April, which hopes to ensure "Mile High" will "live on as part of any naming deal at the Denver Broncos' Stadium."

The stadium currently is currently known, much more prosaically, as the Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Company hopes to change NFL's mindset on cannabis

While marijuana remains on the list of banned substances for NFL players, O,penVAPE seems to be using the proposed name change as an opportunity to start a conversation about changing that.

"Our company produces much more than innovative vape pens, and we intend to drive awareness around the use of CBD products as an alternative treatment for pain and other medical conditions, an issue specifically relevant to the NFL," said the statement released by O.penVAPE chief operating officer Jeremy Heidl.

Former Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Lance Johnstone was also quoted in the O.penVAPE release. "The NFL has the opportunity to be a leader in the sports industry to address pain management," he said. "I believe many active and retired players would appreciate working with O.penVAPE to support scientific research, dispel the stigmas of using cannabis, and provide safer treatment alternatives to league players."

O.penVAPE submitted its letter of intent to the Broncos earlier this month: the team must provide written approval before the stadium naming rights are officially sold.

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