Cannabis Tours You Shouldn't Miss In Denver

First off, it must be said that Denver is a beautiful city. Dubbed the Mile-High City, for being exactly one mile above sea level, it's almost perfect: 300 days of sun, oodles of stunning public art, a walkable, interesting downtown core, mountains, and of course legal recreational cannabis.

Since Colorado legalized cannabis in 2014, cannabis tourism has taken off. And so have ways to experience it as a tourist. Here are a few:

1. High Urban Hikes

If you're looking for something intimate and trippy, this is a great hike for you. HUH Denver is run by Amy Rohrer, a passionate tour guide, who loves Denver and is extremely well-versed about Denver's public art, architecture and history. These tours start with you getting high however you choose, and then hiking around Denver's historic and cool downtown core. There are a number of themed tour options, but the original is the "Pot is Patriotic" walking tour which includes Union Station and Larimer Square.

2. My 420 Tours

My 420 Tours has been around since 2013 and boasts a wide variety of excursions from cooking classes to private tours. The popular 4-hour Dispensary And Grow Tour involves a 420 friendly mini bus, two dispensary stops, an industrial grow facility, a meal and more. The company also offers all-inclusive, weekend-long cannabis tours.

3. Ski Buds Shuttle Service

Denver is such a popular spot for skiers and snowboarders there's a special baggage carousel just for your equipment at DEN. Ski Buds Shuttle Service makes getting to the slopes a little easier with its shuttle/tour that includes an SUV for 4 with stops at a dispensary and free PAX vaporizers for use in their 420-friendly vehicles. Destinations include Vail, Aspen and Breckenridge. In the summer months the company also does simple airport transfers that include a stop at a dispensary.

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When you think of high end real estate in some of California's most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods, you probably picture sprawling homes that come with infinity pools, tennis courts, and 12-car garages. But what about a cannabis lounge? That might sound like something that only a diehard pothead would want, but some lux-home developers are banking on cannabis lounges becoming a big draw for customers.

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