Denver Cannabis Church Leaders Receive Mistrial in Case Over Public Use of Marijuana

Leaders of a Denver Cannabis Church on trial for promoting open use of marijuana received some good news today that could see them avoid possible legal repercussions. 

Denver County Court Judge Fred Rodgers declared a mistrial in the case against the International Church of Cannabis leaders. The three defendants in the case face charges for open and public consumption of marijuana and violating the Colorado Clean Indoor Act after being caught in an undercover police sting operation that was conducted last year on 4/20 at an event thrown by the church. 

Denver city prosecutors were unable to find six eligible jurors for the upcoming trial. Of the 21 people called to serve on the jury, one had a medical condition that disqualified them, two said their opinions on marijuana kept them from being unbiased and seven others were dismissed after questioning, and both sides each had three juror eliminations remaining, meaning only five jurors were left. While questioning jurors, four eligible members openly questioned the city's case, including one who asked why seven police officers were on a witness list for a misdemeanor trial and another who said he thought the case was a waste of taxpayer money.

The case has been re-scheduled until next July. The prosecutor in the case asked that the judge allow a 50 person panel next time to make it more likely they'll find six eligible jurors.

Or they could stop wasting taxpayer money and get the hint from this panel and drop the case.

(h/t Cannabist)


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