Former NBA All-Star Dennis Rodman stopped by 'The Late Show' yesterday with a special present for host Stephen Colbert: a weed shirt. More specifically, a shirt promoting PotCoin — a crypto-currency developed specifically for the the cannabis industry. Think of it as the Bitcoin for weed.

Since launching in 2014, PotCoin has tried to help create peace between America and North Korea by sponsoring Rodman's trips to visit dictator Kim Jong-un in his homeland. That's why Rodman's PotCoin shirt featured pictures of Trump and Kim with Rodman in the middle and the slogan 'UNITE' written underneath.

"You must be high," Colbert joked when Rodman came out with the shirts. But the basketball hall-of-famer is sincere about his efforts to steer the world away from nuclear war. And he thinks understanding where the North Korean leader is coming from might help. So check out his thought on Kim in the clip above.