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Democrats Want to Ban Members of Congress From Sleeping in Their Office

A growing movement inside Congress, primarily among Democrats, wants to ban politicians from sleeping in their offices.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus said yesterday they want to ban members of Congress from sleeping in their offices. The Progressive Caucus is joined by the Congressional Black Caucus, who actually called for this policy to be enacted last year. They argue that the policy is unfair and unprofessional to cleaning staffs for these offices. Instead of simply cleaning an office, they're essentially working as house cleaners for these members of Congress. Others say it could be unprofessional for staff members to walk into Congressman's office while they're undressed and getting ready for the day. Others say it's just weird.

It's not quite clear how many members of Congress take part in this practice. One member of the Progressive Caucus says he's heard the number is over 80, while others say it could be more than 100. Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan did so, as does current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. These members usually sleep on a sofa, cot or air mattress in their office and then shower in the House Gym. These politicians usually use this on the campaign trail to show how dedicated they are to their job.

The only issue with this policy is how it could affect non-wealthy members of Congress who cannot afford a residence in the Washington D.C. area. But proponents of this idea suggest providing an allowance to those members who can't afford a second home near Congress.

Now if only we could address how to ban members of Congress who are sleepwalking through their jobs instead.

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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