While the Democratic Party may be more open to marijuana legalization compared to Republicans, they have not yet fully embraced the issue as a party platform. And it turns out they're willing to even attack members of the GOP who support cannabis.

Tom Angell, the founder of the Marijuana Moment website, wrote an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times talking about Democrats' reluctance to embrace cannabis legalization. In the op-ed, he noted a strange situation recently where the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the committee meant to help Democrats win elections this November, attacked a Republican congressman for support of marijuana.


Angell noted that this strategy is pretty weird for several reasons. One is that marijuana legalization is supported by the majority of Americans, including 77 percent of Americans. The congressman criticized in the tweet, Dana Rohrabacher, also represents a district in California, a state that's more than ok with marijuana. And Angell also mentioned there are several other issues to attack Rohrabacher for, including his close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his denial of climate change or his belief that homeowners should be allowed to refuse to sell property to gay people.

The Rohrabacher tweet was meant to make a larger point about Democratic leadership's reluctance to embrace marijuana legalization, an issue that the majority of Americans support. The party runs the risk of losing the opportunity to lead the charge on the issue. If they continue their half-in, half-out approach, eventually more and more Republicans will support legalization and Democrats won't be able to use legalization to their electoral benefit.

Or they could continue attacking a California Republican for supporting marijuana. Seems like a winning strategy!

(h/t LA Times)