Democrat Reminds Senate Republicans That They All Voted for Jeff Sessions

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind protections for state's with legalized marijuana, a handful of prominent Republicans came out and criticized the policy. However, one Democrat points out that these same people were perfectly fine allowing Sessions to be Attorney General despite his marijuana views.

Senator Brian Schatz is a Democratic senator from Hawaii. On Tuesday, Schatz sent a tweet to Americans worried about Sessions' newest policy, and noted that all Republicans in Senate voted for his confirmation.

It's not just Senate Republicans who allowed Sessions to take office. Many House Republicans did so as well. Dana Rohrabacher is seen as one of the biggest proponents of protecting marijuana laws in states in Congress. Yet last year, Rohrabacher also spoke to the House and supported Sessions' nomination as Attorney General.

Now, some Republicans have claimed that Sessions promised not to change the Department of Justice's policy towards legal marijuana states when he was confirmed last year. And that may be true. But it also can't be surprising that a man who's said things such as, "Good people don't smoke marijuana," would want to begin cracking down on legal cannabis laws.

Schatz's tweet is obviously meant to help motivate pro-marijuana voters to vote against Republican senators next fall. If the GOP experiences a big defeat at the end of 2018, don't be surprised if Sessions begins pulling back on his plans.

(h/t Twitter)


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