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Democrat Says If Guns Can Be Carried Across State Lines, Then Marijuana Should Be Too

Many people have pointed out the hypocrisy among politicians, particularly Republicans, who insist on keeping marijuana illegal and claiming it destroys lives while also advocating for looser gun control laws. But now a Democrat is really calling them out on their double standard.

Republicans in Congress recently introduced a bill that would allow people with concealed carry permits the ability to bring their guns across state lines, even if the new state doesn't allow concealed carry. In response, Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna released a video in which he argued that if guns could be carried across state lines, then marijuana should be as well.

“Let’s think of this logically: If one state allows the legalization of marijuana, does that mean every state needs to allow the legalization of marijuana?” Khanna said. “I have always thought that the Republicans are the ones who defend federalism, defend states’ abilities to make laws that they think are going to be best for their people.”

Here's Khanna's full video:

Khanna makes several good points. Republicans love to say they're the party of states' rights, but only if those rights adhere to their party philosophy. Allow states to make their own laws about abortion and gay rights? That's fine. But marijuana and guns? No, everyone needs to have the same laws that we agree with!

Unfortunately the NRA and gun lobby has a lot more pull and influence on Capitol Hill than marijuana, so we'll probably continue to live in a society where people can purchase deadly weapons that kill tens of thousands of people every year, but risk going to jail for multiple years if they smoke a joint.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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