Demi Lovato Has A Rule About Smoking Weed In Her House - Unless You're Snoop Dogg

Who would dare tell Snoop Dogg to quit smoking weed in their house?

Certainly not singer Demi Lovato, who revealed on Monday’s The Tonight Show that the video for her hit single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ was inspired by a wild night of partying featuring the king of cannabis himself.

“One day, I was like, I want to have people over. I had just gone through a breakup. I’m newly single. I wanna meet people!” Lovato told Jimmy Fallon.

The singer told her friend Dave O to “just invite people over” and the house was soon busting at the seams with celebrities.

“All of a sudden, a couple hours later, Snoop Dogg was there. Dave O. knows everybody, so French Montana was there and Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa and all these people were there. I was like, wait a second, I just wanted to have a couple people over to hang out!”

The next thing Lovato knew, her home was “filled with pot smoke everywhere” – courtesy of you-know-who.

“I was like, no smoking inside! Get out, get out!” she says. “I wasn’t gonna tell Snoop not to smoke in my house, so I was like, ‘Okay, Snoop, do what you want.'”

When Lovato’s chef arrived at her house the next day and joked, “It smells like Snoop Dogg was here,” she responded: “‘No, he literally was! He literally was.'”

h/t People


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