Shawn Mendes #DeathWatch Begins as Fans React to ‘I Love Weed’ Statement

It's now been a day since our world was rocked by the revelation that a famous pop star enjoys marijuana. In an interview with Rolling Stone, three-time Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award-winner Shawn Mendes, said the following:

"I love weed...I wouldn’t tweet that — not yet, at least — but it’s really good for me. When I’m home, I’ll smoke and then play guitar for seven hours."

Seems...pretty chill, actually. So how did Mendes' many online fans react? Well, some thought he might actually die.

Ok. A lot going on here. But fear not, Mendes-hive: No one has died from a cannabis overdose, ever, and cannabis can be quite helpful with creativity

Of course, many Mendes fans were quick to point out that there's nothing to worry about here.

And moreover:

The moral of the story? Perhaps we should all log off and go play guitar for seven hours. 

Banner Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


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