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The DaVinci Miqro: Is This the Best Vaporizer on the Market?

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With all the innovations in the cannabis industry, and the stigmas surrounding cannabis use starting to break down, many non-users are looking to give the plant a try for the first time. But it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

The traditional ways of consuming cannabis can be daunting to an inexperienced user. How do you roll a joint properly? How do you pack a pipe right? How do you know exactly how much THC you're taking in? How do you consume cannabis without advertising the fact to the world? 

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Luckily a lot of those uncertainties can be solved by using a vaporizer to dip your toe in the cannabis pool. Vaporizers are discreet, they don't cause as strong of an odor as smoking cannabis, and they make it a lot easier to customize your dose. The DaVinci Miqro is the smallest portable vaporizer on the market, and the product grew out of a desire to make cannabis more accessible. 

The creators realized that people looking to get into cannabis wanted something they could use casually throughout the day, or even to microdose—the practice of taking small, measured amounts of cannabis to help them focus or relax, without actually getting them too stoned to function

The Miqro is the successor of the DaVinci IQ, and it's 33 percent smaller than its predecessor, which means it fits in your purse or pocket that much easier. Not only that, but with a feature they call the pearl, it allows the oven capacity to be adjusted by up to 50%. No matter how little or much you want to partake, the Miqro has you covered. 

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It's also easy to use: first, open it up and add your ground cannabis. Pack your chamber tightly, close the lid, click the control button five times, and inhale flavorful vapor. 

There are also pre-installed 'smart paths,' which are formulated for a certain effect, if you just want to pick up the Miqro and go. Or, if you know what you're looking for, there's a precision heating option that allows you to set  your own temperature. 

There's even a stealth mode, which turns down the vaporizer's LED brightness and allows you to inhale undercover. 

And for cannabis consumers who are always on the move, DaVinci offers the 'Explorer's Collection,' which includes some on-the-go essentials. There's a grinding coin—so you can discreetly grind up your buds while out and about. There's also a protective sleeve, a carrying case, and an extra battery included. 

The DaVinci Miqro costs $149 for the standard edition and $199 for the Explorer Collection, which is on par with what you'd pay for other premium vaporizers. Plus, they have a 5 year warranty, so you know they have faith in their product.


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