David Beckham Smoking Marijuana: Seth Rogen’s Soccer Goal

Seth Rogen is known for smoking marijuana with some true A-listers including co-stars Jonah Hill and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But one high-profile celeb he'd like to add to his smoking circle is football (read: soccer) phenom David Beckham.

"I would like to smoke a joint with David Beckham," Rogen told FHM in 2014 while promoting the comedy "Neighbors."

The Canadian comedian and outspoken marijuana enthusiast revealed that wish when the magazine asked him about the 2014 FIFA World Cup. "I follow the outcome of no sporting events on the planet," Rogen said. "I wouldn't even care if there was a Canadian soccer team, honestly. I would like to smoke a joint with David Beckham, though. That would be cool."

But would the retired football star - who turns 41 today - consider splitting a spliff with Rogen? We couldn't find any link between Beckham and marijuana use aside from his friendship with Snoop Dogg, which has involved Beckham teaching Snoop's kids how to kick, and The Doggfather backing Beckham for a post-sports career as a music producer.

Of course, we can't assume Beckham is a toker by association, but if Larry King is right about people getting high just from being around Snoop, then the football legend may have had a few experiences whether he intended to or not.

And with Rogen promoting "Neighbors 2" this May as the marijuana comedy of the year, now would be the perfect time for Beckham to join Rogen's circle on and off screen. After all, he has the chops for acting. Check out Beckham and Snoop standing in for Han and Luke in the "Star Wars" cantina parody in this ad for Adidas.

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h/t Entertainment Weekly, Perez Hilton, Daily Mail


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