Join David Attenborough On A Thrilling Journey Through The Natural World

If the only thing you love more than the natural world is its most celebrated broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, then you’re in luck.

BBC Earth has just launched a new app offering not only the largest-ever digital archive of Attenborough’s work, but the opportunity to try your hand at nature documentation.

The app, titled The Story of Life and available on iOS and Android, features more than 1,000 short clips from Attenborough’s documentaries from the past 50 years. A search option lets you find clips pertaining to different species or habitats from Attenborough’s most beloved series (think Planet Earth and The Blue Planet.)

When you’re done browsing (if you ever get done browsing), you can create your own nature documentaries using the app’s ‘My Collections’ tool. All you have to do is pick a subject, then choose any variety of clips from a selection and combine them in your own video.

“This is natural history for the digital age, allowing people to explore the story of life on Earth and share their favourite natural history moments with the world," said Attenborough.

The app was produced by BBC Earth and AKQA as a way to celebrate Attenborough’s work following the recent launch of Planet Earth II

“Natural history can both entertain and educate at the same time. It brings people together and we hope this app can do it in a way that hasn’t been done before,” Matt Walker, editor of BBC Earth, told WIRED.

The app also offers behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Planet Earth II. As the series continues, more clips will be added to the app.


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