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Dave Franco Had A Bad Time On Edibles - Then Cocaine Raided His Fridge

Even celebrities need their alone time. Just ask Dave Franco ('Neighbors', 'The Disaster Artist') - when his then-girlfriend Alison Brie planned a raucous, 80s-themed surprise party, the crowd was bigger than expected. "I don’t like to be the centre of attention," Franco told Jimmy Fallon on a recent episode of 'The Tonight Show',  "and so i freaked out."

The solution? To take a weed cookie. But it sounds like Dave didn't start low and go slow:

"To alleviate my anxiety I decided to consume a weed cookie…it had the opposite effect, where I ran downstairs and had the first panic attack of my life." 

Ouch. And to make matters worse, everyone left except a guy "dressed as cocaine" (it was an 80's themed party...) who didn't have a lift home.

Celebrities - they're just like us! Check out the video above for the full story.


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